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quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010


Aí vai uma dica aos Advogados com sonho de imigrar ao Canada:

"Paralegal and Legal Assistant College Programs and Courses in Canada

What are legal assistants or paralegals?

Legal Assistants or Paralegals are employed in the legal profession usually working as an assistant to a lawyer, or another professional, helping the latter with his/her daily operations including managing cases, preparing legal documents, maintaining records and files, and researching and analyzing.

Paralegals also 'provide important advocacy services for clients appearing before specialized tribunals such as the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal and the Immigration and Refugee Board, and before the Provincial Offences Court and the Ontario Small Claims Court.

'Paralegals also often assist in the daily administrative operations of the legal profession such as 'typing, photocopying and filing.' Paralegals also collect information, develop and maintain 'office systems,; draft 'legal documents (such as agreements and affidavits),' interview 'clients and witnesses,' receive 'instructions from Lawyers,' and research 'issues of law.'

Canadian Provinces with Paralegal and Legal Assistant Diploma, Certificate and Degree College Programs:
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia

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